Helping Handbags Worldwide is a charity initiative aiming to give women in crisis a helping hand from a fellow female. We urge women to raid their cupboards and closets, find an old bag (could be new) and fill it up with sanitary and hygiene products to be then passed on to a homeless woman over Christmas. This is a non-profit organization where all proceedings and donations go directly to homeless women around the world. This initiative has been created by Brenda Dempsey, an incredible lady, who has been homeless in the past but is now a successful entrepreneur who wants to inspire others and show them ‘’Everything is Possible’’

‘’I just saw a random post on social media and thought to myself-what a great idea, so I’ve shared it and the response was immediate and immense! That was it, I felt compelled to take action and make this happen on a worldwide scale! Helping Handbags Worldwide was born! We now have thousands of followers and believers along incredible individuals donating their time and expertise to the cause. Can’t believe it , it’s only been a week since the start’’

– Brenda Dempsey, Creator “Helping Handbags Worldwide”

It has grown rapidly in the space of 10 days, consequently hubs around the UK, Nottingham, Leeds, London, Glasgow, Ayrshire and Wales, to name but a few, have been set up to help with the logistics and organisation. These hubs gather women in local areas to donate bags, work with local women’s groups and set up collection points in their areas.

The idea is simple. We ask the nation to fill their unwanted, unloved handbags with snacks, sanitary and hygiene products, which are then collected regionally. What really caught the imagination of this project is that it deals specifically with women’s issues of the menstrual cycle. This is something that is forgotten about. We are busy donating clothes, sleeping bags and food that we can overlook the natural needs of sanitization for homeless women. This is what Brenda believes has caused this amazing outpouring of compassion and support for homeless women

This is an amazing cause and although not yet a registered charity-we will be one day! Watch this space for updates and new campaigns!

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