Helping Handbags Worldwide is a charity initiative aiming to give women in crisis a helping hand from a fellow female. We urge women to raid their cupboards and closets, find an old bag (could be new) and fill it up with sanitary and hygiene products to be then passed on to a homeless woman over Christmas.

Brenda Dempsey – Founder of Helping Handbags Worldwide

Brenda’s charitable character and dreams have been surpassed by her creation of Helping Handbags Worldwide campaign for displaced women including homeless, women of domestic abuse and those who just don’t seem to fit into our society. This has been the story of Brenda’s life from an 8 year old who raised money for Biafran children to a 57 year old who is now dedicating her life to her purpose and passion of helping others through coaching and charitable works. Brenda is also writing a book about her life to inspire others to find their passion and purpose and live the life that they were born to do. She intends to embrace this challenge as she opens the new chapter of her life.

Clair Carrington

I'm a single mum to a 7 year old boy, co-creator of Aspiring Business Women, a phoenix trader, a home-based business coach and a Childminder. Seeing the original post by Brenda Dempsey resonated deeply within me, imagining how awful it must be to be homeless and having to deal with menstrual 'issues'. Knowing that this cause is really going to make a difference is an amazing feeling and also the fact that I have the support of so many ladies in Nottinghamshire

Helen Courtney

Helen Courtney is the author of self-help book 'The Silent Sufferer' and founder of Evolving You. Having experienced psychological abuse herself, her mission is to help as many women as possible overcome the many challenges of mental illness, domestic violence and the long-term effects of emotional abuse. Due to its links with vulnerable women, Helping Handbags is a project that Helen is extremely passionate about and feels honoured to be involved with.

Alison Brown

Menopause and Hormone Expert, Womens Health Advocate. I help women in the UK and Worldwide successfully navigate the natural transition through Menopause and I'm affectionately known as BoudiccAli, Queen of the Meno-Warriors. I'm supporting HHW because it's such a simple idea that will bring women together to help and support other women ... that's what we do best.

Liz Walder

A Social Media Strategist running her own business, Liz manages the twitter account for us. Please follow @helpinghandbagz

Liya Semerdjieva​

Juvee Coughlan

Victoria Velcheva

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