Aldridge, Walsall – Alison Brown

Menopause and Hormone Expert, Womens Health Advocate. I help women in the UK and Worldwide successfully navigate the natural transition through Menopause and I’m affectionately known as BoudiccAli, Queen of the Meno-Warriors. I’m supporting HHW because it’s such a simple idea that will bring women together to help and support other women … that’s what we do best. > Contact Alison

Annan – Lynn Taylor

Ayr – Sarah Codling

Stay at home mum, Brownie Leader and Guide Leader just doing my part for the ladies who are going through a bad time in Ayrshire > Contact Sarah

Bangor – Leigh Campbell

Bath – Helen Angela Tubbs

I have a passion to help people less well off even from a young age at youth club there was a day the youth club made pizza and i would only eat some if i could give some to the homeless guy outside and he was so grateful i then didnt fully understand what it meant to him i do now know that was probably his only meal that day. > Contact Helen

Bedfordshire – Fay Nicola Jellis

I am a play worker and Angelic Reiki Master/Teacher. Single mum of a teen who’s going through own difficulties. I, like many others, have life experiences that can relate as to why some of these women are homeless. I’m lucky, I have a safe and loving home and need to get that feeling back out there to those who are struggling at this time. > Contact Fay

Bexley – Melissa Austin Foreman


Brixton – Dannie Blechner

I’m Daniella Blechner. I am an author, teacher and workshop facilitator. I teach and run self esteem workshops at Alternative Provision called Phoenix Place (a safe haven for vulnerable girls) I also coach budding authors through the self-publishing process and run writing workshop Unleash Your Voice and 7 Steps to Creating the Greatest Version of You empowerment workshop for women. I am passionate about helping in the community and am volunteering at Crisis this year. I jumped at the chance to get on board this initiative as I believe more should be done to prevent and protect the growing numbers of homeless people on the street.

Bristol – Susan Lawrence

Bromley – Amanda Rees

Burton on Trent – Natalie McGhee

Camden – Honey Molasses

Canary Wharf – Wendy Dee Burrowes


Cardiff – Laura Jane Dernie

Ok I am Laura Jane Dernie in Cardiff I wanted to volunteer for Helping Handbags Worldwidet because it’s something I never thought about but still so crucial and I thought ‘Why not?’ It’s such a fab idea and we are educating others and highighting a very important issue.

Clydebank – Elizabeth Sherwood

Iam a stay at home mum after 23 yrs service In Leisures Services. Married with 2 kids and a hairy German Shepherd. I volunteered to help other woman because these are basics need we take for granted .

Derby – Marsha Brown

Marsha brown work with survivors of domestic abuse. I’m doing this because it feels right to do. As individuals we can sometimes take things for granted because have choices forgetting about those that don’t.i myself would hate to go without the basics so to help somebody in maybe not such a good place have some basics is a worthwhile thing to do.

> Contact Marsha

Dublin – Tiffany Mulroy

Im a self employed Esthetician, Coach & Educator. Over the past 25 year I’ve worked in a predominantly female environment! I have a passion for helping my fellow women both professionally & personally! Focus Ireland, I have worked alongside this homelessness charity for a number of years now & it’s my charity of choice with regard to donation both physically & financially! It is estimated that at least 1’000 women are homeless in the Dublin region alone!! I believe that helping handbags will be very much appreciated! It’s such a simple & brilliant idea too!

> Contact Tiffany

Dumbarton – Mhairianne Auld​

Just a normal woman wanting to restore a little bit of dignity and self esteem to women who have found themselves in the harrowing position of being homeless. A little bit of tlc goes a long way and can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

Epsom – Devenia Besant

I’m a wife and a business mummy of 3, when I saw the project on Facebook it touched me and I knew I had to get involved. We all have handbags in our wardrobes that we no longer need or use and to think there are women out there without the monthly essentials we need is heart breaking. With a little bit of effort we can really help, we might not be able to change these women’s situations but we can make a difference by making it more bearable and show that we really do care.

> Contact Devenia

Essex – Lorraine Armitage​


Falkirk – Careen Inglish

My Name is Carreen, I’m a wife and a mum of 3 wonderful boys who are my world. They also all happen to be on the autistic spectrum, which brings with it many challenges but also lots and lots of joy. I am a criminal justice social worker and see the effect homelessness has on people’s lives daily and the decisions they are sometimes forced to make

Hertfordshire – Tara Robinson

I’m a married Mum of 2 teenagers & run my own sweet & chocolate gift business.
As it is such a worthy cause & there was no one running my area, it seemed like the right thing to do as it will give pleasure to so many ladies who need some loving care.

Inverness – Margaret boyle

Mum gran employed decent family oriented
Energetic cheery
Volunteered as Brenda asked worked with her in school in Dumbarton and socialised with her

> Contact Margaret

Kensington, Chelsea, Fulham – Liya Semerdjieva

> Contact Liya

Hull – Jan McKinley

Leeds – Emm Millar


Leicester – Reshma Vasanth​

Lewisham – Paula Lane

Hi, my name is Paula Lane I manage and lead a children’s nursery in South East London. I chose to be apart of the Helping Handbags initiative as I believe in its vision and purpose in supporting those in need in a creative and practical manner.

> Contact Paula

Lincolnshire – Jayne Baxter

I have been wanting to do charity work for some time now and this charity really stuck s cord with me. I love how it involves the whole community and everyone can help someone who is in need 🙂

> Contact Jayne

Liverpool – Marie Lavery​

I love to help people, what a brilliant idea, afforable, do able easy acess to 100’s

> Contact Marie


Liverpool & Wirral – Kathryn Farrell​

I’m a married mother of one, currently on maternity leave looking after my beautiful baby girl. I moved to Merseyside from the West Midlands after graduation & have not looked back since – the people are so warm, funny & friendly – its a pleasure to be able to give back a little.
The HHW philosophy rang true to me & its such a simple thing to get involved in, but one that will hopefully make such a difference.
I volunteered to help as I’ve always felt so sad for people who have so much less than we do & can’t even imagine how I would cope in that situation. As they say, anyone is only 3 payslips away from living on the street!

> Contact Kathryn

Luton – Lauren Shannon

Brighton – Sonya

Being a women I understand the struggles I have that time of month so would love to make this easier for the ladies on the street.

> Contact Sonya


Molesey / Hampton Court – Jo Carroll-Smart

I saw the initial post of Facebook and thought what a good idea, and so easy to do. Am more than happy to help in any way I can.

> Contact Jo

Newcastle / Durham – Gill Minto

I work part time for the local NHS Trust and am also a qualified relaxation therapist, aromatherapist and make my own ecosoya wax and beeswax candles. I have volunteered at People Kitchen and the Listening Post a few years ago, they both support homeless people. I wanted to support this initiative and do something that would make a difference to homeless women in the local area.

> Contact Gill

Norfolk – Jojo Hall

I am married with 3 grown up children and 1 grandchild. I saw the post on Facebook and thought what a fantastic idea and got involved. Any of us could find ourselves homeless and I had never really considered the added stress of dealing with your period too.


Northamptonshire, Milton Keynes – Samantha Cameron

Hi Im a wife, mum to 5 amazing children and run my own Network Marketing Company. The main reason i wanted to volunteer is that Im very lucky to have good health, 3 meals and day and a roof over my head and I wanted to give something back

> Contact Samantha

Nottinghamshire / Global – Clair Carrington

I’m a single mum to my 7 year old son, I am a childminder and Co-Creator of Aspiring Business Women. I’ve been involved with Helping handbags since day one as it seems like such an easy way for us to help those less fortunate than ourselves. The speed at which this campaign has taken off around the globe is phenomenal and I hope the momentum continues into 2016.

> Contact Clair

Nuneaton – Emma Colclough

I knno how hard it can be when it comes to that time of month so wanted to help those that really struggle

> Contact Emma